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ELISA Technology

 Randox ELISA kits 

식품 품질 검사 및 성분 분석! 

영국최고의 진단회사인 Randox는 "Biochip Array Technology"로 AOAC 인증 획득 및 세계 진단시장에 획기적인 변화를 불러 일으키고 있습니다. 

Accurate, fast, simple to use and trusted globally all sum up the world class ELISA range that has been developed and manufactured by Randox for over 30 years. This wealth of experience has led to an array of drug residue ELISAs being specifically designed for the global food industry.

Validated for multiple matrices, Randox Food Diagnostics provides one of the world’s most comprehensive test menus for the accurate detection of controlled drug residues in food.

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