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G4 XRF Gas Fusion Bead Fluxer 


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G4 XRF Gas Fusion Bead Fluxer

A superb gas fluxer for reliable temperature monitoring of the XRF bead fusion process the produce premium XRF analytical results.



Produce XRF fusion beads with a high throughput

The G4 can produce up to four glass disks or solutions per each cycle (up to 48 samples every hour) to speed up your XRF sample preparation.

An automated control system allows customizable and programmable fusion parameters to help automate your fusion bead preparation.



Easy-to-install and easy-to-use XRF bead fusion fluxer

Real-time heat monitoring through the Nieka data management system gives ultimate control with minimal effort.

The touchscreen controls can be used in various languages and follow fusion methods isntalled from USB or network*, along with easy-to-follow fusion program instructions.

Installation simply requires a standard electrical outlet and a low-pressure gas line.

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