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The Fast Field Cycling NMR Relaxometer

 PC - NMR, The Personal NMR Console  

(주)비케이인스트루먼트는 이탈리아 STELAR사의 공식대리 입니다.

PC-NMR is the Stelar high performance, general purpose, portable NMR console. It is available in two formats: a 19” rack version or portable aluminium case version.Its innovative design provides a single and powerful “plug-and-go” solution for most NMR, NMR Fast Field Cycling, Diffusion NMR and NQR experiments, as well as mobile NMR. 






Main features include


· Direct digital signal detection from 500 kHz up to 80 MHz (optional up to 130 MHz)

· Three independent RF TX channels programmable from DC to 80MHz (optional from DC to 130MHz)

· Data accumulation in four separate buffers (real and imaginary parts, phase and absolute value of the signal)

· 250 W / 500kHz-130 MHz RF linear RF power pulse amplifier

· RF FRONT-END composed of: one H-range broad-band low-noise short dead-time preamplifier from 0.5-200MHz 

(optional 5-400 MHz); one TX/RX coupling and probe tuning device on computer screen

· S/NMR32/FFC: AcqNMR32 Windows-compatible software package, for NMR-NMRD data acquisition, 

display and evaluation of MR and FFC - NMRD profiles. All experimental procedures are supported




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