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DFX series
  • Refrigeration dryer
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    FST GmbH
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 Adsorption Air Dryer 

 DFX Series 


냉동식 에어드라이어 


20년 이상의 판매 경험 ! 용량별 다양한 에어드라이어 보유 ! 에어드라이어 전문 엔지니어의 AS !


(주)비케이인스트루먼트는 독일 FST사의 독점대리점으로 Air Dryer 및 Air Filter 등 다양한 제품을 취급 및 보유하고 있습니다. 

또한 에어 드라이어  전문 엔지니어의 유지보수 및 서비스를 통하여 고순도의 Air를 사용하 실 수 있습니다.  

에어드라이어 관련 상담 및 서비스 문의 :  홈페이지 온라인 문의 게시판








The scope of application for compressed air dried by using refrigeration dryers are generally frost-free indoor installations and compressed air applications with low requirements in terms of the degree of dryness, such as instrument air, blast air, pneumatic tools. Refrigeration dryers are usually used to centrally prepare the compressed air to a "basic degree of dryness", which is suitable for most installed compressed air applications. Higher degrees of dryness are created for individual applications in a decentralized process and thus only produced in required quantities.

Refrigeration dryers promote premature condensation of the moisture contained in the compressed air by actively cooling it. The generated condensate is collected in the refrigeration dryer and drained off. The compressed air is then brought to an undersaturated state through warming and thus it is dried. Pressure dew-points down to +3°C can be achieved by using refrigeration dryers.

Refrigeration dryers are suitable for continuous operation and are available for all volume flow ranges. The pressure range usually extends to 16 bar, however special versions are also available for higher operating pressures. 



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