Infrared, Near Infrared & Raman SpectroscopyFT-IR Spectrometer
IROS M3 wide-range IR microscope
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IROS M3 wide-range IR microscope  


 FTIR Spectrometer - IROS 03 



저희 (주)비케이인스트루먼트는 OSTEC사의 공식대리점으로 FTIR, NIR, Raman Spectroscopy 등 다양한 제품을 취급 및 공급하고 있습니다.



Microscope is mounted outside the cuvette compartment close to spectrometer. Visual channel is overlaying with IR channel for

sample observation (aiming) and IR spectrum registration.

Revolver mechanism allows to combine several 
special objectives:

• ATR objective

• IR objective

• Visual objective

For sample observation there are eyepieces and built- in video camera installed.

Two detectors are installed at the same time:

• Highly sensitive MCT with liquid nitrogen cooling

• Pyroelectric (cooling is not required)









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