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 3D Scanning Laser Spectrometer - RAMOS CARS  


저희 (주)비케이인스트루먼트는 OSTEC사의 공식대리점으로 FTIR, NIR, Raman Spectroscopy 등 다양한 제품을 취급 및 공급하고 있습니다.








Common specifications


Spatial XYZ resolution of CARS signals
(Objective lens: 60х, NA=1.2, watter immersion):
< 0.7 μm
Spatial resolution of Raman signals
(excitation wavelength 633 nm; objective lens: 60х, NA=1.2, watter immersion):
XY: < 300 nm
Z:   < 700 nm
Spectral detectable range:

CARS signals:            985 – 5000 cm-1
Raman signals:          75 – 6000 cm-1

Spectral resolution:CARS signals:                7-8 cm-1
Raman signals:              0.25 cm-1(grating 75 l/mm Echelle);
                                    0.6 cm-1 (grating 1800 g/mm)
Scanning range (fast scanning mode, 60x lens)XY: 225 х 225 μm
Z:   80 μm
Control and automation:Fully motorized

Optical microscope 

Model:Nikon Ti-U
- travel range:114 х 75 mm
- accuracy (for 1 mm traveling):0.06 μm
- XY repeatability:± 1 μm
- minimal step:0.02 μm
Micro- objective lens:60 х NA-1.2 water immersion
20 x NA-0.45
- type:piezo scanner
- lens movement range:80 μm
- minimal step:50 nm
- Reapetability:< 6 nm
Illuminator for reflection mode:Halogen lamp 100 W
Illuminator for transmission mode:LED
Laser input port:motorized triple turret
High resolution digital video camera: 
- type:digital color CCD camera
- sensor:1/2", 2048 x 1536 pixeles
- ADC:10 bit,  12 frames per min

CARS excitation laser system

Single module optical parametric laser system consisting of: 
Picosecond solit state Nd:YVO4 laser 
Output wavelength:1064 nm
Pulse duration:6.5 ps
Output power:6 W
Pulse repetition rate:85 MHz
Mode composition:TEM00
Beam quality (М2):< 1.5
Beam diameter:2 mm
Tunable SOPO
(Synchronously pumped Optical Parametrical Oscillator)
Wavelength tuning range:690 - 990 nm
Output power:> 400 mW (at 800 nm)
Pulse duration:5 - 6 ps
Pulse repetition rate:85 MHz
Mode composition:TEM00
Beam quality (М2):< 1.2
Beam diameter:2 mm
Built-in delay tuning optical line 


Laser for Raman spectroscopy


Laser type:cw HeNe
Wavelength:632.8 nm
Average output power:> 10 mW
Beam diameter:0.65 mm
Beam divergence:< 1.24 mrad

Laser beam convergence and appointment unit

Laser shutter:3 pieces (Nd:YVO4 laser, SOPO and HeNe laser)
Polarizer:2 pieces (Nd:YVO4 laser and SOPO)
Wavelength plate λ/22 pieces (Nd:YVO4 laser and HeNe laser)
Variable telescope:3 pices (Nd:YVO4 laser, SOPO and HeNe laser)

Main optical unit

Optimized optics for spectral range:400 - 1100 nm
Polarization analyzer:Glan-Teylor prism
Laser beam attenuator:veriable neutral density filter 0 - 3D
Pinhole lens positioner:three-axis (X, Y, Z)
CARS, Raman, fluorescence filters positioner:five- position
Posotioner of dihroic mirrors:six- position

Imaging monochromator / spectrograph MS5004i

Focal length:520 mm
F number (input):9.8
Horizontal magnification:1.0
Vertical magnification:1.0
Vertical spatial resolution:< 20 μm
Flat field size:28 х 5 mm
Stray light
( 20 nm from 633 nm laser line)
1 х 10-5
Difraction gratings unit:4-position motorized grating turret
Spectral resolution
(wavelength 633 nm, CCD pixel size: 12x12 μm)

0.01 nm (Echelle grating 75 l/mm)
0.025 nm (grating 1800 l/mm)

Entrance spectral slitmotorized confocal pinhole,
continuously adjustable from 0 to 1.5 mm
Output spectral slit:motorized, width from 0 to 2 mm (continuously adjustable)
Ports:1 input, 2 output
Detector (Raman, E-CARS, fast measurements)Hamamatsu Photosensor module H7844 (with TE cooling)

Monochromator for fluorescence measurements (integrated with MS5004i)

Focal length:100 mm
Input spectral slit:motorized confocal pinhole
Output spectral slit:fixed, width 4.2 mm
Difraction grating:600 l/mm
Spectral range:400 - 920 nm
Linear reciprocal dispersion:13 nm/mm
DetectorHamamatsu Photosensor module H7844 (with TE cooling)

Spectral CCD camera (Raman, E-CARS)

Type:digital CCD camera
Photosensor:back-thinned CCD sensor 2048 х 122 pixels
Pixel size:12 х 12 μm
Photosensitive area:24.576 х 1.464 mm (length х heigh)
Spectral sensitivity range:from 200 to 1100 nm
Cooling with temperature stabilization:two-stage Peltier (TE) cooling down to – 45 °С
ADC digitization:16 bit
Sensitivity:1 photon for 1 ADC count (at 650 nm)
Dinamic range:at least 10 000

Fast scanning unit (X, Y)

Scanners:Galvano-mirror scanners (X, Y)
Scanning model:raster high speed and start-stop mode
Positioning accuracy:< 30 μm
Scanning area:225 μm х 225 μm (objective lens 60Х)
Full frame scanning speed:4 s/frame: 1000 х 1000 points

Laser confocal microscope unit (Reflected)

Prepinhole lens positioner:three -axis (X, Y, Z)
Confocal pinhole:motorized confocal pinhole,
continuously adjustable from 0 to 1.5 mm
Detector:Hamamatsu Photosensor module H6780-01

F-CARS and transmitted signal registration system

Polarization alanyzer:Glan-Teylor prism
F-CARS filters positioner:4-position, motorized
F-CARS signal registration detector:Hamamatsu Photosensor module H7844 (with TE cooling)
Transmitted signal registration detector:Hamamatsu Photosensor module H6780-01

Registration and processing control unit 

Number of registration channels:5
Number of simultaneously registered channels:up to 5
PC connection interface:Ethernet 100 Base-T (TCP/IP protocol)


Optical table

All components of the system based on the optical plate with the pneumatic vibrated insulating legs.




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