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NMR Metabolomics Software 


대사체 연구를 위한 NMR 데이터 분석처리 소프트웨어!

Chenomx NMR 분석 소프트웨어는 Reference Libraries와 함께 작동하여 바이오 유체뿐만 아니라

식음료, 혼합물에서 대사물을 정확하게 식별하고 정량화 합니다. 

The chenomx Library

The Chenomx Spectral Reference Libraries are developed from thousands of reference spectra obtained through NMR analysis and used for identification and comparison purposes. The Reference Libraries are available from pH 4 through 9 and NMR field strengths from 400 MHz through 800 MHz.

Additional Reference Libraries have been created from the Human Metabolome Database ( and are also available for download (Chenomx cannot certify these entries, but they can be used for ID purposes). 


NMR Analysis Services


Chenomx NMR Analysis Services accurately identify and quantify metabolites in mixtures including depleted growth media, food and beverage, as well as bio-fluids.

We have partnered with a certified life science laboratory for sample preparation, and with an establish NMR instrument centre for data acquisition. Chenomx's experienced chemists utilize the software to perform the analysis of the mixtures.

Quality Assurance / Reporting

Analysis Services provide routine workflow that meets high quality standards. Each analysis is passed through a rigorous peer review from spectrum analysis, to assignment and quantification. Chenomx spreadsheet reports reveal concentrations of the measured metabolites in a tabular format.



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