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NMR Deuterated Solvent
  • NMR Deuterated Solvent
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NMR Deuterated Solvent  


Euriso-Top은 30년간 D-Solvent 만을 연구 및 생산, 유럽최고의 NMR 시약 제조업체 입니다!

저희 (주)비케이인스트루먼트는 Euriso-top사의 한국 총판 대리점으로 합리적인 가격에 다양한 제품을 공급하고 있습니다. 



NMR is now a routine tool in analytical and structural chemistry. EURISO-TOP, Leading European producer of Deuterated Solvents, 

 has developed a broad range of compounds with high isotopic enrichment and high chemical purity. 




NMR Deuterated Solvent 




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