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Elmasonic TI-H
  • Elmasonic TI-H
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    Elma Ultrasonic
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Elmasonic TI-H 


()비케이인스트루먼트는 독일 Elma Ultrasonic사의 공식대리점으로 합리적인 가격에 다양한 제품을 보유 및 공급하고 있습니다. 


Transsonic TI-H


Multi-frequency units for industrial applications


Two frequencies (25/45 kHz or 35/130 kHz) can be manually changed over for intensive and gentle cleaning in the TI-H ultrasonic cleaners. Thereby, the first frequency pair (25/45 kHz) is ideally used for cleaning hard surfaces such as metal or glass. For the second frequency pair, oils and greases on hard surfaces can best be cleaned using 35 kHz and sensitive surfaces such as from the jewellery or electronics can best be cleaned using the high frequency of 130 kHz.

Manually welded cleaning baths made of particularly cavitation-resistant special stainless steel ensure long durability of the equipment and enable robust use for different industrial applications


Multi-frequency version with 25/45 kHz: 

  · 25 kHz for the coarse removal of lapping abrasives and polishing media. 

  · 45 kHz for the fine cleaning of oils and grease. 


 Multi-frequency version with 35/130 kHz:

  · 35 kHz for the removal of oils and grease from hard surfaces made of metal, glass and hard precious stones. 

  · 130 kHz for the cleaning of sensitive surfaces, e.g. in the jewellery business and for electronic parts.














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