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The IRis-F1 – fast, high-resolution spectrometer
  • The IRis-F1 ? fast, high-resolution spectrometer
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The IRis-F1 – fast, high-resolution spectrometer

Does Fourier-Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy limit your measurement capabilities in terms of speed, signal-to-noise ratio or spectral resolution? 

The IRis-F1 spectrometer overcomes these limitations and offers an unmatched combination of speed, brightness and resolution. A complete spectrum can be acquired in one microsecond and the high brightness laser source enables high signal-to-noise ratios >1000 in 100 microseconds measurement time. These parameters are achieved with a default spectral resolution of 0.25 cm-1 to 0.5 cm-1.

Spectral and temporal resolution are recorded simultaneously, avoiding massive experiment repetition as sometimes required in step-scan FTIR. A high-resolution version, offering <0.001 cm-1 spectral resolution, is also available.



The dual-comb light sources are packed into laser modules which are user exchangeable without tools and with minimum realignment. Modules are available with different center wavenumbers throughout the mid-IR and typically cover >60 cm-1.

The sample compartment is large and versatile, allowing coupling of most existing accessories such as ATR units, transmission cells and reflection setups. The beam can also be extracted to couple to external experiments.

The IRis-F1 is based on quantum cascade laser frequency combs, which are broadband mode-locked mid-IR lasers. Spectral resolution is generated by the dual-comb technique, where one comb acts as a dispersive element for the other. The resulting interferogram is typically recorded in less than a microsecond.


Easy laser module exchange is done within a few seconds, allowing you to cover several bandwidths with 60cm⁻¹ broadness




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