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Praying Mantis Diffuse Reflect Accessory
  • Thermo Scientific Evolution Pro UV-가시광선 분광 광도계
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Praying Mantis Diffuse Reflect Accessory 

Thermo Scientific Praying Mantis Diffuse Reflectance Accessory is ideal for the characterization of small quantities of solid materials or powders.

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Praying Mantis™ Diffuse Reflectance Accessory             



Peltier Thermostatted Single Cell Holder for GENESYS 100 Series


생화학 동역학, 효소 식품 분석 및 평형 연구와 같은 생명 과학 분야에 이상적입니다.

· 카달로그 번호: 222-220000

· 설명: 확산 반사율 액세서리

· 온도범위(미터법) :  -150 to +600

Optional reaction chambers allow you to access temperatures from liquid nitrogen to 600°C and pressures from high vacuum to 500 psi. Run reaction gases through the system to study catalysts under reaction conditions.

High-Performance Design

· Uses all-aluminum coated optics rather than traditional integrating spheres in its design

· Integrating spheres limit the wavelength range in the ultraviolet region
· All-specular optical system uses the full wavelength range of the instrument down to 190nm.

· Can be used on the Evolution 300, which has an upper wavelength range of 1100nm, providing extended wavelength coverage in the NIR region without having to purchase a more expensive UV-Visible or NIR instrument

Flexible Sampling Options

· The sample chamber can be purged with an inert gas such as dry nitrogen, which allows the characterization of samples that may be oxygen- or moisture-sensitive
· Optional reaction chambers are also available for the study of samples at a wide variety of temperatures and pressures
· Temperatures can be controlled from -150° to +600°C, and variable vacuum control is available

Convenient Analysis

· Can be used with the sample compartment open for added convenience when mounting and removing samples
· Also for mounting the low/high temperature reaction chamber for temperature studies

Compatible with:

·  For use with the Thermo Scientific™ Evolution Pro UV-Visible Spectrophotometer.



Diffuse reflectance accessory


Thermo Scientific™ Evolution Pro UV Visible Spectrophotometer 

온도 범위(미터법)

-150 to +600°C 

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