KnowItAll NMR Spectral Database Collection
  • KnowItAll NMR Spectral Database Collection
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KnowItAll NMR Spectral Database Collection 

From the Leader in Spectral Data

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High-Quality Spectra for Prediction & Identification 

When it comes to spectral data you need comprehensive data you can trust. Wiley's KnowItAll NMR Spectral Library offers a comprehensive collection of high-quality 

nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) reference spectra, including the renowned Sadtler™ databases.  These databases are essential lab to search or predict* NMR spectra.

  • Access 25 databases covering a wide range of compounds—from organics and inorganics to application-focused data, we’ve got you covered!
  • Includes over 932,000 NMR Spectra - 561,000 CNMR (carbon NMR), 269,000 HNMR (proton NMR), and 102,000 XNMR spectra
  • Along with spectra, records contain physical properties and structures when available
  • Retrieve the experimental spectra used to build the prediction*
  • Cost-effective way to access an extensive and proven collection of spectral databases
*Prediction requires KnowItAll Analytical Edition




This collection is extremely useful for identification or prediction* of NMR spectra in a wide range of applications such as material sciences, pharmaceuticals, forensics, flavors and fragrances, metabolomics, and many more. Use in NMR prediction (carbon and proton), XNMR prediction (boron, nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine, silicon, phosphorus), structure characterization, structure elucidation, NMR spectrum analysis. 


· Includes KnowItAll ID Expert software for one-click basic spectral searches

· Optional: KnowItAll Analytical Edition (recommended for advances analysis, prediction) 

· Import spectra from most instruments 

Trusted Data from a Trusted Source

Wiley is an authoritative source for spectral data. Their renowned Sadtler™ databases were processed according to rigorous protocols to ensure they are of the highest quality. These qualification procedures start at data acquisition and continue throughout the database development process. Any data acquired from trusted partners is thoroughly vetted before inclusion in our collections.



Subscription Packages


Product Name


KnowItAll NMR Spectral Library


KnowItAll NMR Identification & Prediction Pro
Bundle includes KnowItAll NMR Spectral Library and KnowItAll Software





Subscription includes access to over 25 databases including:

CNMR Spectral Databases


Library NameSpectraIndex
13C NMR Sadtler - Wiley51,990View
Sadtler Metabolites - Wiley525View
Sadtler NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards Compounds - Wiley250View
Sadtler Polymers & Monomers - Wiley740View
Flavors & Fragrances - Wiley11,815View
Natural Products - Wiley3,430View
Organic Compounds - Wiley188,425View
Wolfgang Robien304,585View



CNMR Spectral Databases


Library Name SpectraIndex
1H NMR Sadtler - Wiley12,000View
Sadtler Metabolites - Wiley525View
Sadtler NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards Compounds - Wiley115View
Sadtler Chemical Shifts - Wiley56,840View
Organic Compounds 1 - Wiley5,000View
Organic Compounds (Comprehensive) - Wiley157,465 View
1H NMR – Organic Compounds (Comprehensive) Part 2 – Wiley37,840View

XNMR Spectral Databases
Library NameSpectraIndex
15N NMR - Wiley990View
17O NMR - Wiley850View
19F NMR - Wiley23,615View
29Si NMR - Wiley2,315View
31P NMR - Wiley14,375View
11B NMR - Wolfgang Robien2,210View
15N NMR - Wolfgang Robien9,090View
17O NMR - Wolfgang Robien5,700View
19F NMR - Wolfgang Robien17,585View
29Si NMR - Wolfgang Robien2,210View
31P NMR - Wolfgang Robien23,180View

Optional Databases

Library Name 



AIST NMR Library 


  • 13C NMR - AIST SDBS - 11,890 spectra (Index)
  • 1H NMR – AIST SDBS (90 MHz) - 4,380 spectra (Index)
  • 1H NMR – AIST SDBS (300MHz) - 2,930 spectra (Index)
  • 1H NMR – AIST SDBS (400 MHz) - 6,457 spectra (Index)



Sigma Aldrich Library of NMR Spectra

  • Sigma Aldrich 13C NMR (Index)
  • Sigma Aldrich 1H NMR (Index)



KnowItAll is a trademark of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. in certain jurisdictions.

Subscription content is subject to change as data may be added or deleted from collections periodically. 


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