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Wiley Registry/NIST Mass Spectral Library 2023 

From the Leader in Spectral Data

Comprehensive compound coverage for confident results 

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Experience the combined power of two essential libraries for mass spectral analysis 

The Wiley Registry/NIST Mass Spectral Library 2023 is the most comprehensive combined mass spectral library commercially available, with over 3 million spectra (includes EI and 

tandem MS data) making it the clear choice for general unknown compound identification. Broad, up-to-date compound coverage ensures identification across multiple use cases 

and a wide variety of analytes.

Here are just some of the reasons why the 2023 release of the Wiley Registry/NIST library is a critical resource for any lab engaged in MS analysis:

    • Broad range of compounds for targeted and non-targeted analyses—increase both the speed and likelihood of identification with a comprehensive dataset.
    • Expanded coverage of world patents, including USA, China, Japan, and Europe in the 2023 release to ensure your lab remains current.
    • Spectral records contain additional information that’s searchable such as physical properties, structures, and DOIs when available to help narrow your results even further.
    • Data is carefully curated and reviewed by Wiley’s internal and external experts to ensure it meets quality standards for results you can rely on.
    • Spectra are segmented into separate libraries including excess replicate spectra that enable robust searching across varied laboratory settings.
    • Available in the most common instrument manufacturer formats to take the guesswork out of compatibility.
    • Includes the NIST 2023 Software (MS Search, AMDIS, MS Interpreter) to keep your lab up to date with the latest analytical tools.
A foundational tool for any laboratory engaged in GC-MS or MS-MS analysis, the Wiley Registry®/NIST Mass Spectral Library remains a lab standard consistently evolving to meet the ever-growing research demands of today in Wiley’s continued commitment to delivering relevant, quality data resources.

Library Specifications 
Data TypesGC-MS DataTandem MS (MS/MS) Data
Wiley Registry/NIST 2023*NIST/EPA/NIH 2023
Chemical Structures1,148,6001.4M+
Unique Compounds950,20051,500



What’s New in this Release? 

Take advantage of all the benefits in the 2023 release of this combined collection:

Be sure your lab is up to date with the latest release of this evolving collection.

  • Featuring the addition of over 74,000 unique compounds and over 91,900 spectra.
  • Now also available as a KnowItAll subscription for continued access to new data added to the Wiley Registry between major releases.

Wiley Registry of Mass Spectral Data 2023 – New Features

  • Expanded coverage of world patents and peer reviewed literature, including DOIs to source articles. 
  • Spectra have been assigned a Quality Index, enabling searches to be tuned to exclude spectra below a quality index threshold.

NIST / EPA / NIH Mass Spectral Library 2023 – New Features

  • AI-RI values have been added for all EI data.
  • The MS-MS Library has added 60% more compounds than the 2020 release, now covering over 51,000 compounds and over 399,000 precursor ions.

Compatible with most current and legacy mass spectrometry data systems. For full compatibility information please visit

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