AccessoriesFT-IR Acc. (ATR)
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  • ATR is a universal sampling accessory for analysing solids, polymer, rubber, powders, liquids, pastes and gels. With high IR throughput, it is ideal for sample identification and QA/QC applications. Easily changeable crystal plate design provides analysis of a broad spectrum of sample types while ensuring constant sampling path length. In the optical design, the ATR crystal both focuses the IR beam and provides the ATR sampling interface. This technology provides much higher throughput than competitive products and saves you considerable time and provides you higher quality spectra.


    • – Single reflection ZnSe crystal plate installed
    • – High IR throughput
    • – Sampling for solid, polymer, rubber, powder, liquid, paste and gel
    • – Also configurable with Ge, Dimond and Si crystal plates
    • – High pressure lamp with a maximum pressure of 18kg (40 lbs)
    • – Crystal diameter of 1.8mm with a pressure of 10,141PSI
    • – Swivel, flat and concave tips for various types of samples
    • – Liquids sampling accessories

    Crystal PlateZnSe
    ApplicationGeneral Purpose
    Hardness (kg/mm2)120
    Cutoff cm-1 Spectral Range520
    Refractive Index @1000cm-12.4
    Depth of Penetration2.00
    pH Range of Sample5 - 9

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