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Evidence Investigator
  • Evidence Investigator - Semi-automated Biochip Array Analyser
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    Randox Food Diagnostics
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Evidence Investigator

 Biochip Immunoanlayser 

식품 품질 검사 및 성분 분석! 

영국최고의 진단회사인 Randox는 "Biochip Array Technology"로 AOAC 인증 획득 및 세계 진단시장에 획기적인 변화를 불러 일으키고 있습니다.  


The Evidence Investigator is a multi-analyte quantitative drug residue screening analyser. Using biochip technology, the Evidence Investigator ensures screening food for drug residues is accurate and efficient, offering laboratories comparable results to that of LC-MS/MS. 

The Investigator can be used to test a variety of matrices including meat, seafood, honey, milk, mycotoxins and urine. 



Evidence Investigator Package(EV3602)

• 1 year warranty

• Evidence Investigator service kit

• PC and imaging software

• Barcode scanner

• Thermoshaker

• Full training and installation


Physical Dimensions


  Height : 750mm

  Depth : 480mm

  Width : 420mm

  Weight : 24Kg








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