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RX misano
  • RX misano
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    Randox Food Diagnostics
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RX misano

 Honey & Wine Analyzer with RX Misano  

식품 품질 검사 및 성분 분석! 

영국최고의 진단회사인 Randox는 "Biochip Array Technology"로 AOAC 인증 획득 및 세계 진단시장에 획기적인 변화를 불러 일으키고 있습니다.  

The RX misano brings the most modern analysis technology to wine and honey producers and testing laboratories worldwide. 
Utilising the latest technology the RX misano is a fast and efficient analyser capable of gaining results in 8-15 minutes. 
Providing in-depth analysis to overall product quality.

RX misano Package(RX6022)

• RX misano analyser (ordered seprately as RX6017)

• 1 year warranty

• RX misano service kit

• Full training and installation

• RX misano incubator

• Pipettes, pipette tips & cuvettes

• Quartz Cuvette

• Preferred kit of choice for induction / training purposes

• Open channel system and also compatible with non-Randox kits


Physical Dimensions


  Height : 585mm

  Depth : 535mm

  Width : 570mm

  Weight : 48Kg

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