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Biochip Array Technology
  • Biochip Array Test Kit
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Biochip Array Technology

 Biochip Test Kit  

식품 품질 검사 및 성분 분석! 

영국최고의 진단회사인 Randox는 "Biochip Array Technology"로 AOAC 인증 획득 및 세계 진단시장에 획기적인 변화를 불러 일으키고 있습니다. 

Randox biochip array technology (BAT) will revolutionise your screening practices. 
Designed to work across a wide variety of matrices, BAT uses micro-spotting techniques to create an assay that can detect and provide quantitative results for up to 44 residues from a single sample. Simple sample preparation and an assay protocol designed by scientists for scientists.

What is Biochip Technology?

Biochip Array Technology is a platform that can provide the screening of up to 54 food or feed samples providing results for drug residues and toxins in under 3 hours, saving the user both time and money compared to other screening methods. 
The market leading technology uses a 9mm x 9mm ceramic chip comprising of 44 discrete test regions, with the capacity to detect antibiotic, anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory, growth promoting and mycotoxin residues, simultaneously in a range of food and feed samples.

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