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Valu-Line Kit
  • High-Performance Set of FTIR Accessories Addressing All Solid and Liquid Sampling Needs
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Valu-Line Kit

 High-Performance Set of FTIR Accessories Addressing All Solid and Liquid Sampling Needs 

(주)비케이인스트루먼트는  PIKE Technologie 사의 공식대리점으로 보다 합리적인 가격에 다양한 제품을 취급하고 있습니다.


The number of available FTIR accessories can be overwhelming. Sometimes, it is not easy to decide which accessory will do the job.
An answer to this problem is PIKE Technologies’ Valu-Line Accessory Kit. This kit, packaged in a durable and convenient storage case,
combines the most often used and practical set of FTIR sampling accessories. 
It includes the following components:

HATR – Multiple Reflection Horizontal ATR
Designed to analyze liquid and semi-liquid samples, pastes, gels, films, soft powders and multiple solid materials. This accessory comes with
trough and flat crystal plates to accommodate all types of samples. The HATR is carefully designed to provide excellent results with
minimum effort. It can be easily placed in the sample compartment and locked into position on the sample compartment baseplate, or a
standard slide holder.

EasiDiff – Diffuse Reflection Accessory
An ideal accessory for the analysis of powders and intractable solids. With a set of convenient tools for solid sample preparation,
this compact, high-performance accessory provides outstanding collection efficiency.

30Spec – Specular Reflection Accessory
A great accessory for the analysis of thin organic films deposited on reflective surfaces and a myriad of surface coatings and surface
treatments. The 30Spec is slide-mounted and comes with a set of three masks which allow for the isolation of small, predetermined
spots on larger samples, and the analysis of small samples.

Please refer to the appropriate sections of the catalog for additional details about these accessories.


· Combination of most widely used FTIR accessories : 
- Multiple Reflection Horizontal ATR
- Diffuse Reflectione
- 30-Degree Specular Reflection
· Full range of sampling options and applications
· Complete set of auxiliary sample preparation tools for immediate productivity
· Pre-aligned, fixed-position optical designs offering reproducible, high-quality data
· High-performance accessories providing excellent sampling sensitivity 
· Economical and logical addition to any FTIR spectrometer.
· Excellent starter kit for routine applications, research or teaching

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